Case: The Barö

Site and location: The Barö hotel, Barösundintie 679, 10270 Inkoo

The Barö’s interior features authentic materials. Domesticity has also played an important role in the construction of The Barö Hotel. Chemical black oxide coating has been used e.g. on the steel surfaces of the fireplace and bar counter, and on kitchen backsplash. BOC Raven has been selected as the shade for this item.

The owner of The Barö Hotel, Jussi Paavoseppä, fell in love with the authenticity of the blackened steel.

“Simple is beautiful. It is actually the starting point of all Finnish architecture, where I think this blackened steel as a material fits insanely well. It is a genuine, simple, handmade product ”

Chemical staining is also suitable for finishing the surfaces of furniture frames and fixed furniture. It can also be used in smaller details to underline design.

BOC Raven

Natural surface and feel of metal

BOC Midnight

Smooth finishing with brushed texture

BOC Shadow

Rough matte finish

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