Chemical black oxide coating is now also used in interior design

The unique appearance achieved by using chemical black oxide coating has already caught the attention of builders, architects and designers. We have used black oxide coating already for i.e. furniture and different kinds of wall materials and ceilings. The results have always been excellent.

Yet this new kind of market has not been utilized before, only individual projects have been carried out on request. Jyri established new company in September 2020 called Black Oxide Coatings Oy. This new company is focusing on providing black oxide coating for products and structures located indoors.



What makes chemical black oxide coating so special then? Greatest benefits are purely visual – coated surface looks lively but it does not reflect light too much. Also the measurements of the coated object do not change during the chemical reaction.

There has also been high interest towards several kinds of finishing options. Black Oxide Coatings Oy offers three different kind: Traditional (BOC Raven), Brushed (BOC Mignight) and Matt (BOC Shadow). Each of these options results with surface that is not possible to achieve with any other treatment method.

Renewal projects of public spaces are often long from the designing phase to the actual implementation. Nevertheless, black oxide coating has already been utilized in the wall and ceiling materials of Gillet Bar & Bistro, furniture located in a country house in Urjala and also inner structures of a school building in Helsinki. We have received excellent feedback from our customers specially related to surface durability, elegance and ease of care.

Black Oxide Coating is suitable for most common steels (excluding stainless options) and works great both in new locations and in premises which require renovation. We want to be there for our customers and develop unique solutions together. With our multible different finishing options there are so many new ideas to discover!

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