Case: Handelsgillet i Helsingfors rf

Site and location: Ömsesidiga Fasteighetsbolaget, Kaserngatan / Kasarminkatu 23, Helsinki

In Helsinki you can admire the surface of the BOC Raven in the cladding of the structures of the property’s courtyard. Chemical black oxide coating has been used in e.g. in columns and roof structures.

The site was designed by Architect Stefan Ahlman (Ahlman Arkkitehdit Arkitekter Oy Ab)

“We have been using blackened steel for years. The process brings out the characteristics of the material – the material identity. The surface ages beautifully, is durable and has a very clear identity of its own. Beautiful.”

Chemical blackening is a great solution when you want a high-quality finish. The steel does not lose its dimensional accuracy in the process, so even small details retain their shape, such as the patterns cut into the cladding elements in this site.

BOC Raven

Natural surface and feel of metal

BOC Midnight

Smooth finishing with brushed texture

BOC Shadow

Rough matte finish

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