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Enchanting black hood

Black Oxide Coatings Oy has developed a chemical blackening process for stainless steel that is truly unique in the world, and one that is rarely available even in Europe. Even the blackening of ordinary steel is rare in Finland.

The chemical blackening of stainless steel also made an impression on Ville Wallendahr of Climecon Oy. The company specializes in indoor air design and its clients include top restaurants and hotels. The collaboration between the two companies began when Wallendahr was visiting The Barö, an archipelago hotel in Inkoo.

“There I came across this product by Black Oxide Coatings and thought that it was a very elegant design. I then contacted the owner of The Barö to find out who was behind the solution and contacted them. From there, the collaboration took off in a natural way,” says Wallendahr, Climecon’s director for ventilation in commercial kitchens.

The collaboration led to innovative product development, which resulted in the successful unveiling of the black hoods at the FinnBuild trade fair in Helsinki. The products attracted immediate interest.

“The black hood was undoubtedly one of the most photographed items at the fair. Since the fair, we have been contacted by both Finnish and international operators in the hospitality industry. There has been interest from all sides,” says Wallendahr.

A unique product on the market

The kitchen business is worth millions in Finland and tens of millions abroad. The potential for the blackened hoods is high, especially with the ever-increasing use of open kitchens.

“The elegant black oxide hoods are perfect for more exclusive hotels and restaurants. We want to provide a fresh solution and influence the market.”

Now all Climecon hoods and ceiling ventilation solutions are available in black. Wallendahr appreciates the cooperation with Black Oxide Coatings. In particular, he praises the company for investing in its production line to meet Climecon’s needs.

 “This is a case of two Finnish companies joining forces to be able to bring a completely unique product to the market. This is a good example of Finnish industry; we too can succeed if we set our minds to it,” Wallendahr adds.

Initially, the product portfolio will focus on the kitchen and especially on products for the ceiling, i.e., ceiling ventilation solutions and hoods, but there are other possible areas of application.

“The method is also suitable for floor-level furniture, for example. Virtually the entire kitchen can be finished in black. There are plenty of variations and possibilities for customization.

Climecon’s all-black hoods and ceiling ventilation solutions are not painted in any way – the steel parts are blackened through a unique process.


Natural surface
and feel of metal


Smooth finishing with brushed texture


matte finish


Combination of natural and brushed texture, for stainless steel.

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